Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Our company is offering full range of services for trademark registration (preliminary search, filing the application, replies to Patent office actions, appealing Patent office decisions). We have significant experience in trademark registration including difficult cases (for example, when the sign does not have inherent distinctiveness).

If you need to register nonstandard trademark (with sound, moving image, smell, etc) we will help you to do that.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a trademark registarion take?

On average a trademark registration takes from 1 year to 1.5 years. It depends on different factors starting from the number of applications in Rospatent to the volume of communication with Rospatent. More information you can be found here

What is needed for filing application for trademark registration?

You will need to send us the following information for filing application for trademark registration:

1. Image of the trademark to be registered.
2. Description or list (in arbitrary form) of products and services for which the trademark will be used.
3. The following details about the owner of the trademark to be registered (the Applicant):

  • full name 
  • address (with the zip code and country name)
  • OKPO code (for applicants from Russia)
  • information on the basis for requesting convention or exhibition priority of the trademark (if applicable)

4. Power of attorney (in simple form). It does not have to be notarized or authenticated. We will provide you the form on request.

What is the cost of trademark registration?

The cost of trademark registration depends on several factors, including the list of products and services related to the trademark, the presence of obstacles in registration process, etc.


The list of official fees and attorney fees related to trademark registration can be found here

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