Protection of rights

Protection of rights

Our company provides wide range of services for protecting intellectual property rights. We represent the interests of our clients in all stages of litigation process (from initiating complaints to enforcement proceedings).

We represent the interests of our clients in:

  • Arbitration (Commercial) Courts, special intellectual property courts;
  • Chamber for Patent Disputes;
  • Federal antimonopoly service;
  • Customs and other government agencies.


Below are the examples of situations where we have expertise to help our clients:

  • Infringement of trademarks, commercial signs, copyright, of other objects;
  • Violation of contract for the alienation, contract of commercial concession, licensing agreement and others;
  • Early termination of legal protection of a trademark due to nonuse;
  • Appealing Rospatent decisions including trademark protection refusal;
  • Unfair competition;
  • Import of counterfeit product;
  • Recognizing trademark as well-known in Russian Federation;