Recognizing trademark as well-known

Recognizing trademark as well-known

One of our specializations is in recognition of well-known trademarks in Russian Federation. We have successfully prosecuted 8 cases of well-known trademark recognition.

What is the process of recognizing a trademark as well-known? Usually this process consists of the following steps:

1. We do the initial analysis and provide the conclusion on possibility of getting protection for the trademark as well-known. This is a necessary step as not all trademarks in Russia can be recognized as well-known. You will need to prove that:

  • Your trademark has become well-known to customers in Russia due to its active use;
  • Customers relate the trademark with your company. The following situation should be excluded: when another trademark (or trademark application) is similar to your trademark and has the priority date earlier than the date of your application for recognizing your trademark as well-known.

Our specialist will estimate the chances of recognizing the trademark as well-known and, if necessary, will give you recommendations on how correct the situation. If you decide to go ahead with the proceedings, the next step will be the following:

2. Collecting the evidence for recognizing the trademark as well-known. This evidence should contain the following data and supporting documentation:

  • evidence of intensive usage of your trademark, in particular in Russian Federation;
  • data about countries where the trademark has become well known;
  • information on advertizing expenses for the trademark (for example, annual financial reports);
  • information on financial value of the trademark;
  • results of customer opinion polls about recognition of the trademark, etc.

Our specialists will help you to prepare all the necessary documentation.

3. The third step is filing the application for recognizing the trademark as well-known in Russian Federation to the Chamber for Patent Disputes.

Our specialists will represent your interests on all stages of application process in the Chamber for Patent Disputes.


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